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CIR LOUNGE Local Taste, Global Flavors Situated at the heart of Orange County under the management of FG Food & Beverage, CIR Lounge offers an elevated & unique cocktail experience unmatched in Southern California. With our curated collection of Japanese whiskey and other exclusive spirits, we pride ourselves on the artisanship of exquisite craft cocktails and delectable Japanese-Mediterranean fusion tapas.


Planning the Perfect Date Night in Orange County

To ensure a memorable date night at CIR Lounge, consider trying different Thursday cocktails and tapas to experience a variety of flavors. It is recommended to make reservations in advance to secure your spot at this popular establishment. Once you arrive, immerse yourself in the inviting ambiance and enjoy the attentiveness of the service while savoring the handcrafted cocktails and fusion tapas. CIR Lounge provides the perfect setting for a romantic and indulgent evening.

For a truly unforgettable date night, start with a cocktail like the Sakura Spritz, with its delicate floral notes, followed by a selection of fusion tapas such as the Wagyu Gyoza or the Miso Black Cod. The combination of flavors and the intimate atmosphere of CIR Lounge will create a memorable experience that both you and your partner will cherish.

Exploring the World of Japanese Whiskey

Japanese whiskey has gained international recognition for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. CIR Lounge showcases a curated collection of Japanese whiskey, featuring notable brands and their unique characteristics [facts]. Guests have the opportunity to experience the distinct flavor profiles and tasting notes of different Japanese whiskeys, ranging from delicate and floral to rich and smoky [facts]. Exploring the world of Japanese whiskey at CIR Lounge is a true delight for whiskey enthusiasts.

For those looking to delve into the world of Japanese whiskey, CIR Lounge offers a diverse selection that caters to both novice and seasoned whiskey connoisseurs. From the smooth and elegant Hibiki Harmony to the peaty and complex flavors of Yoichi Single Malt, each whiskey tells a story and offers a distinct experience.

Japanese-Mediterranean Fusion Tapas: A Fusion of Flavors

CIR Lounge's Japanese-Mediterranean fusion tapas offer a fusion of flavors that combine the best of both cuisines. Guests can enjoy the blend of Japanese techniques and Mediterranean influences, resulting in a culinary delight . The menu features popular tapas dishes that showcase the creativity and harmonious fusion of these two culinary traditions [facts]. Each bite is a journey of flavors, showcasing the expertise of the chefs at CIR Lounge.

For a true taste of the fusion experience, try the Tuna Tataki with truffle ponzu or the Miso Glazed Eggplant with feta cheese. These dishes exemplify the marriage of Japanese and Mediterranean flavors, combining the delicate freshness of Japanese ingredients with the bold and robust flavors of the Mediterranean.


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